My name is Debbie Revell, and I want to tell you about our bean business and how we came into this business.
First, my family consists of my husband John and two sons Jay and John Hilton ( yes he has a good ole southern double name.)
My husband and boys have always believed in me and all my endeavors and I could never ask for a better support system.
Our business, Willow Pond Farms Beanery, was established in 1991 by a dear friend, Clara Dixon, and is located in north Florida in the small, friendly town of Havana. Not only did I grow up here I still reside here today.
All of our wonderful southern mixes were created by Clara, using the seasoning recipes of her mother, Edith Meggs. When Clara decided to retire in 2006 we purchased the business and we continue to make available all these traditional southern recipe mixes.
I feel genuinely blessed and privileged, that she entrusted us to carry on the business. We sincerely believe in the high quality and great taste of our products.
We have met and made great friends throughout our numerous expositions, gatherings and shows. We love meeting you and that you love our product.
We hope our product will become a Southern Tradition for your family and look forward to earning your business, and keeping our delicious Southern bean mixes available to you.
May God Bless,
Sincerely, Debbie Revell